MPM offers the most comprehensive line of steel pipes in the wide range of best quality Galvanized (G.I.), Black (M.S.) Tubes, Conduit pipes, Scaffolding Pipes and Furniture Pipes available today. MPM markets its products under the trade name MASTER PIPES & MPM PIPES. They are resistant to external corrosion and pitting and will not trust. This ensure a lower maintenance cost and a longer performance life. They offer both high impact and high tensile strength and are extensively used in Water, Oil and Gas Utilities. MPM welded steel pipes also find a wide use in water works, hydroelectric construction, and industrial applications. Through we do not mean to boast but 90 percent of the people express a positive attitude towards our products.

We are successfully manufacturing following products on Solid State (computerized) plant, latest technology ever in the sub-continent.

1. Hot dipped Galvanized iron pipes 1/2 to 6 inches outer dia. according to BSS (light, medium, heavy) ASTM, DIN and JIS.
2. Hot Rolled round MS (black) pipes / tubes in 1/2 to 6 inches outer dia.
3. Hot rolled rounded MS (black) pipes according to the API 5 LB in 1/2 to 6 inches pouter dia.
4. Cold rolled tubes.
5. Hot rolled rectangular and square hollow shells.
6. Cold rolled rectangular and square sections.
7. Hot dipped Galvanized fence pipe. 1/2 to 6 inches outer dia. According to the customer demands.


We can produce these items in following thickness & length.

Thickness For Hot Rolled 1.20 mm to 6.00 mm
  For Cold Rolled 0.60 mm to 2.65 mm
  For Galvanized Iron Pipes 1.20 mm to 6.00 mm
Length For M.S (Black) Pipes 1 meter to 12 meters
  For G.I (Galvanized) Pipes 1 meter to 7 meter

G.I. PIPES: Size Range: 1/2 to 6 inch
Wall Thickness: 2.00 mm to 4.85 mm
Usage: These pipes are used in city and industrial water, irrigation and agriculture, water sprinkles, chilled water, fire hydrant, oil & gas supply, building, bridges, electric poles and in all types of construction.

CONDUIT PIPES: Size Range: 7 mm to 9 mm (approx. 100 sizes)
Wall Thickness: 0.6 mm to 1.60 mm
Usage: They are chiefly used in manufacturing of bicycles, fans, furniture, electrical conduits & electric transformers, steel furniture, band rail, fence, space frames, electric and telephone system, hospital furniture, tents, fans, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.